Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Milking Summer

Um. So. July is sliding away, faster than we'd like. But, with plenty of warm summer days, we're enjoying every drop of summer that we can.

But things are happening. There hasn't been as much kinky stuff going on as we would like, but we're making due. And while there isn't an overabundance of great sex, there's still some great sex. (GRIN)

But really, this post was spurred by FloridaDom.

As Master briefly mentioned in His previous post, we've been pumping my breasts twice a day to trick them into producing milk and swelling up a bit again.

FloridaDom asked if i like it or if i'm just submitting to it.

It's fun and aggravating all at the same time. Pumping is just not my favorite thing. It's not horrible, but it's not great either. In fact, when our little one was breast and bottle feeding (both, for various reasons) i was horrible about pumping ─ i never did it if i could help it. It wasn't something i avoided because of the sensation, but because of the boredom and the time consumption. Now, it's kind of awesome because it's something He's enforcing. It's time that i'm serving Him. Sometimes we have the opportunity to turn it into some kinky fun, and others it's just time that i am doing something He wishes me to do. But the boredom at those times...ugh.

And it's working, of course. The girls are looking a touch firmer and plumper, and definitely feel heavier, though i'm not actually producing any real amount of milk yet.

And, speaking of which, i need to go make time to get in the afternoon pumping...

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Florida Dom said...

Jenpet: Thanks for the explanation of your feelings about the pumping. And let us know when you start to produce the milk. And do you like having bigger breasts? And will you or your Master drink the milk?

By the way, Laura Reese has written two novels called Topping from Below and Panic Snap. I'm pretty in one of them, I can't remember which, a woman's breasts are pumped to produce milk.

By the way, you have an interesting blog. You should post more often.