Friday, July 31, 2009

Making a beast...part two

She waited for him to stop laughing, unsure of what would come next. Whatever it was, she knew it wouldn't be easy, and she was already feeling humiliated by the games that hadn't yet begun.

She moved towards the sound of his laughter, looking through the hood hoping to see his feet before she ran into anything. She was horribly clumsy, bound like this and encased in the heavy hood. Before she saw his feet she scraped her side on the island in the kitchen, and whimpered.

"Poor, clumsy dog," he said, amusement tinging his voice.

She sat back, looking up to the sound of his voice and for the first time in days, saw his face lit by sunlight. As always, his boyish features were colored by the sadism that she awoke in him.

"Let's help you learn some grace, shall we?"

She whimpered.

"Find your way to the playroom, now, pup," he said, sliding a long plastic mixing spoon off of the counter. Eyes widening with fear behind the mask, she turned too hastily and lost her balance. In a hurry to avoid contact with the plastic spoon, she drug her hind end along as she propelled herself forward with her arms, simultaneously attempting to get back up onto her knees.

He stepped in front of her, quickly, halting her progress. He snapped her ass with the dreaded spoon in rapid succession as she attempted to squirm away. Her muffled yelps continued for a moment after he had ceased, and his sadistic chuckle rang in her ears.

"We're going to work on your grace," he said again. "And I think it would be good if you started the lesson with at least measured steps, rather than panic." He picked her up with one arm, and placed her back on her knees.

She attempted to calm her nerves and remind herself that the spoon was nothing compared to spending any amount of time locked away from him. As she cautiously began to move forward again, she felt the burning impact of the kitchen utensil on her ass. She whimpered as she moved towards the large, mostly empty room where he trained her most often.

As she moved deliberately, her feelings ranged widely from loathing the humiliation of being made into a beast, without words, without choice, to adoration for the man who knew her well enough to push her through even the darkest places and make her better for each of those places they had gone together. Though she was humiliated, and already tears were leaking from her eyes inside the mask, she knew that this too, would show her its rewards.

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