Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Peculiar Fetishes...

Good evening to you all. I find myself in a remarkably cheery mood. Why, you might ask. Why has this sullen and sardonic individual suddenly become so up lifted? The answer is simple. Sleep deprivation. And yet I am unable to bring myself to go to bed. Instead I shall while away the hours chatting to you, dear reader.

So I would very much like to discuss a couple of odd fetishes that I have discovered or come to recognize. I doubt very much that I could find these upon the fetish lists on Fetlife.

One that has come to my attention is the near sexual glee that rises in me when I hear the sound of bullets whizzing by. I'm a gamer and love Left 4 Dead and there are a number of times when my compatriots mow down a wave of undead rushing at me. This allows for the sound effect of bullets passing by. Bullets in general I think, the flash of tracer rounds does the same thing for me. Playing star fighter games, such as Jedi Star Fighter on the PS2, as blaster bolts flash over the hull of my player's ship I get an equivalent thrill. I don't get the same feel at all from bullet wounds, as I know of that fetish. I find no interest in the shooting death of a beautiful woman as I have seen advertised in a number of morbid porn productions. It is the sight and sound of the ballistics that entice me.

Another that I have come upon recently is the connection, I suppose is the right way to put it, when hearing the voice of someone I've only seen in pictures or in reading their posts. For instance, the other day I came upon Jake's kajira Emma's youtube blog, and by came upon I mean linked over from her Fetlife post. It was the first time I was able to hear her voice and I must say that I was very curious as to what she might sound like. At the same time I came upon two other video blogs of young ladies, one discussing her online enslavement and the other providing something of a beginners guide to BDSM. I must say that listening to their voices as opposed to reading their words was quite pleasant. I also suppose that it is the curiosity of what they might sound like that is really the focus for this fetish, and it is one that is peculiar to me.

Those two are the ones that stand out and both are something of a surprise to me. I would not have expected that they border so strongly on the line of sexual thrill, but there it is...

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