Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some More Worthy Questions...

Here are some more questions by Florida Dom.

You said you made her beg to cum.
Do you usually allow her to cum when she begs? And how often do you allow her to cum?

Yes, the rule is that she must beg for permission to cum. I don't always let her cum when she does. Many times I'll make her wait five, ten, maybe even fifteen or thirty minutes, teetering on the brink before I'll let her. Sometimes I'll give her a choice between something she really wanted, say being allowed to see while I fuck her or giving me kisses or the like, and cumming.

Like everything in her life, it is a privilege to cum, not a right and she had better beg for it and show some serious gratitude following. I allow her to come quite often as she is multi-orgasmic. An average number of orgasms for her is about six or seven times per fucking. She wanted me to mention that our current record is twenty-one orgasms in a day for her. I like that number.

And you said she's not a willing slave, she said she's a dominated one. How does she show you she's not a willing slave? Does she make you force her to do things?

As for this question, it does boil down to a matter of semantics. We define a submissive as an individual who willingly submits, choosing to obey the wishes of the dominant. If they decide they don't want to do something, they don't have to because they are not bound to their Dom's word like a slave is. Basically the difference for us between a submissive and a slave is that a submissive ultimately has choice and the slave doesn't. Even if it's something they're afraid of or down right, positively don't want to do, a slave has no choice and must do as they are instructed by their owners.

Anyway, that definition aside, when it comes to my girl, she does not identify as a submissive. It isn't that she has an inherent and self motivated need to obey, its that she has a deep seeded and unyielding desire to be forced to obey. It might be a subtle difference to some, but its how we view it.

A good example can be seen in some of the more recent pictures on our Fetlife profile. Earlier that evening I had told her to come over and lick my feet before I went to work. She has a problem with feet, she thinks they are funny looking. She grumbled, slowly meandered over, and barely flicked her tongue over the top of one foot before running off to return to whatever she was doing.

Okay, I thought and went to work. But while I was there I devised her punishment and when I came home at around 2:00 am, I set to work on my devices. I prepared the ring gag, readied a plastic zip tie, pulled out the chain leash, retrieved the riding crop, and pulled my sweaty socks off, all in anticipation of her torment. I clipped the leash to her chain and dragged her out of bed, a rude awakening to be sure. She fell to her hands and knees and I pulled her along to the office. There I tied on the ring gag, bound her hands and shoved her head down to my feet. I then lay a few heavy crop swats across her ass and ordered her to lick.

She was groggy, had cotton mouth, bleary eyed, and had two welts rising on her ass, but still she stuck out her tongue and got to work like a good slave. She gave me a complete tongue bath on both feet up to the ankles, suckling each toe as best she could before I put her on her knees and jacked off into her mouth. Finally I sent her to bed, a happy slave with a mouthful of cum and a stinging backside.
Were she more submissive in character, she would have been more thorough the first time, not having needed the punishment to do it right. At least by our definition and my standards.

I hope that helps to give a better view into our dynamic. Thanks for the questions, keep them coming...

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