Saturday, November 21, 2009

Worthy Questions...

Florida Dom, who has been a long time supporter of our blog, responded to my more recent request for comments. Here are the questions he had.

You talked last summer about pumping her breasts last summer. Are you still doing it? If not, why did you stop?

- I still have her pumping her breasts. It has, like many things, taken something of a back seat to her schooling and our son, but it is something that I still have her doing. The results of the pumping were quite nice; big, plump breasts very near to lactating. The idea of using a bit of slave creamer in my tea was quite enticing. Sadly, the pumping come too far between to allow for the steady production of milk to hold. However, her breasts are still plump and have, I feel, firmed up a bit from her pregnancy and still look killer in a tight breast bondage.

And what rules do you have in place for her and does she follow them?

- We have a great many rules for her. Many of which we have discussed here previously and sometimes at length. Some are universal; she is not allowed any furniture, she must ask permission before eating, using the restroom, cumming, etc. Some are maybe more personal and individual like; how she is expected to beg for permission to cum, how I expect her to serve me food or drink, that she wait for my approval to eat in the presence of company by a nod or pointing, that she will only eat what I tell her to when we eat out or that I'll order for her.

Some of the more recent ones perhaps, and I intend to do a blog about some of these here soon, involve the computer and social networks. She is allowed to go onto facebook and twitter and of course Fetlife, and if I am not home or available for some reason she may play and the like as she can. However, she is not allowed to do anything that has lasting effects, for instance she may not join new networks without direct permission, she may not add friends without permission, join groups, send direct messages, etc. If she is chatting with someone when I return home, she is to stop, come greet me and ask to continue.

As to whether she follows them or not, she damn well better. She knows what happens when she doesn't! She is what is called a SAS, a smart ass slave. She doesn't identify herself as a submissive, someone who willingly follows my every wish. She has to be forced, she needs to have the power taken from her, to be dominated and controlled. There are some parallels, but the reality is that she is not a willing submissive, she is a dominated slave.

These are just a very few rules that she has but I hope it give a deeper view of our dynamic.

And how often do you do scenes with her?

- We scene when ever we can. I work nights, she goes to college in the day, and we have a full time baby boy nipping at our heals. Time is in great demand. We do scene more than we have a chance to mention here or post pictures on Fetlife. But not nearly as much as we would like to sadly.

And the idea of doing video things is a good one. I hope you go forward with that.

- And we will, I've brushed the dust off my audio recording and mixing software and we have rather good screen capture and web camera capabilities. I hope to have a video blog by the end of the month for her and an audio blog for me by next week. We'll see how that goes though. Fingers crossed.

Well those are the questions that he had posted for us. I hope that sheds some light on things and that there will be more comments and questions to come in the future. Thanks again, dear reader...

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Florida Dom said...

Thank you for answering my questions and I'll look forward to your video blog.

And your answers prompted me to think of another couple of questions if you want to answer them.

You said you made her beg to cum.
Do you usually allow her to cum when she begs? And how often do you allow her to cum?

And you said she's not a willing slave, she said she's a dominated one. How does she show you she's not a willing slave? Does she make you force her to do things?