Sunday, January 9, 2011

Top 10...

So here we are, the new year, 2011. We have a new look on our blog here, something that the girl suddenly felt needed to be done. I like the look of it, different for sure.

We're all ready nine days in and we've only had two opportunities for play. Not bad odds given the time I suppose 2 out of 9, but somehow I'm hoping for more from the this year.

Our first opportunity came just the other day and I had this inclination for breast torture. Sadly a full camera memory prevented me from getting any pictures, but here is a brief recap.

I bound her on the bed with her hands cuffed out wide to the side. I used the short bamboo sticks to bind her tits in a breast vice. Using our old stockpile of martial arts belts, I clamped the two sticks down tightly on her tits and bound the belts around her back and around the front one more time. This caused a rather nice clamp on her tits, but pressed the sticks a little too tightly against her breast bone, which got plenty of whining.

I added the nice, new, black clover clamps on her nips for the icing on the cake. I love pushing her limits and this did just that. The pain was exquisite and had her on edge for the whole experience. I then took another belt around her waist and clamped down tightly, stealing her breath and reducing her waist to a diameter of less than six inches. Then I began fucking her.

It was fantastic to watch her struggle for breath, each heave of her chest grinding the bamboo against her breastbone and rattling the short chain between the clover clamps. Eventually I started clamping the belt around her rib cage, completely preventing her from breathing until she passed out.

Sadly, our little one came up the stairs shortly after she came too and we had to call it for the night. Me still needing to cum too, so sad.

Our next opportunity came just last night, and I was really going to make the best of the experience. The girl had mentioned craving electricity among other things, so I plotted my devious little plans. Once the little one was asleep, we rushed upstairs and began pulling out the toys. Both sets of stocks, nipple suckers, nipple clips, clothes pins, electro sex box, the white spoon, leather gloves, the metal ring spreader gag, rope, the sherbet dick on a stick, etc. The girl's eyes widened when she saw so much being pulled out to be used on her.

I started by placing her in the hand/foot stocks, pictured here. Yes I cleaned my camera for this night and got lots of lovely little pictures. I bound her breast with rope this time, amused by her whining about the ache still present in her breast bone. The girl also put on her Christmas socks that I had gotten for her. Cute little minx.

The stock was effective and had her helpless, but it didn't provide the access to her cunt that I required for my devious intentions. So we switched it up and I put her in both sets. Then I put the gag in and got to work. I used the small canes to beat on her breasts, tenderizing them a bit to start when an idea came to me. I've done chopsticks on her nipples before, but I have never done one set for both nipples or at the same time as a very tight breast tie. So of course, I placed the canes on her nipples and bound them up. Here is another view that is rather artistic if I do say so my self.

After a brief time, the bitch began whining about the breast tie so I showed some compassion and released the boobies, kind of a catch and release program;). With her tits free, it was time to start concentrating on the rest of her exposed, tender bits. I began wiring her up to our electro sex box, crossing the pads over her abdomen to maximize the zap. I started her up slowly, but quickly managed to max out the power setting with little more than an occasional twitch or slight grunt. Well that just won't do! So it was time to trade out the batteries and I realized that in the years that we've had the thing, I don't think I've ever refreshed the batteries. It made all the difference in the world and in not time at all I had the girl jerking and gasping. As an added little touch, I placed the small butterfly electrode on her pubic mound and cranked it up too. Here she is all wired up.

Due to a twinge still lingering in her neck, I had to take out the gag and let her out of the top stocks, but bound her arms out tightly to the sides to keep her helpless. I then had a special treat for her, the sherbet dildo on a stick. This is the first time she's been fucked by a dick on a stick and I was surprised at how well it worked with her. Something to keep in mind more regularly.

Well that was fun and all, but I still had more for her in my dirty bag of toys. The girl had asked repeatedly for clothes pins, and I didn't disappoint. My new set of fifty brand new, fresh out of the bag clothes pins hungry for mean little bites of her quivering flesh came out to play. I told her that I am big on symmetry and wanted to split the number evenly between her top and bottom, twenty five clothespins for her breasts and twenty five for her cunt. she didn't like that idea too well and begged pleading for me to use less down there. I told her that I would see what I could do, but made no promises. So, I began by placing one clothespin on her tongue to keep her quite and the other twenty four clothespins on her breasts using sets of three. Three pins on the tender nipple flesh, three centered around that, and so on and so on, on each side.

Then I moved down with my last twenty five to start on her tender, exposed cunt. Sadly, with the dick still in her, I could only get ten on her outer labia, two on her inner labia, and one right on her clit. So I had to take the other twelve back up to her breasts and added two more rings per tit to finish out the fifty. It was fun, fucking her with the dick on the stick while she was all pinned up, whining and screaming.

Before long, it was my turn to have a little fun, so I pulled the pins off her cunt and unbound her legs. The bitch was so wet that I slipped right in and began fucking her, thirty six clothes pins on her tits bouncing with each thrust and the electrodes still zapping away at her stomach. My how she came, filthy whore. As an added bonus, I put the nipple suckers on right in the midst of the thorn patch of pins and fucked her harder. It was so intense, the bitch passed out.

It is almost flattering, I think, for a slave to be so tormented, so over stimulated that she passes out. What better proof of me doing my job right I feel. Plus it is really fun to roughly rip off the clothes pins and electrodes while she is out, adding to the blackened echos that chase her into contentiousness. When she finally came to long moments later, I was pounding her cunt with her legs in the air. she came screaming. After another moment or two, I added my personal signature to the gasping, sore, used work of art laying before me.

When asked later, the girl proclaimed the night to be in the top ten ever! What a pain slut:D...

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