Monday, February 14, 2011

The Mushy is Going Around

(Look! Isn't my new icon image cute? Okay, i know some people think i have cute feet, but i think i have sexy lips. And the structure of my neck, i like as well...Plus my collar looks so pretty!)

On to the purpose of my post... Every day, i am grateful for my Master. For many, many reasons. He's my best friend. He's a sadistic bastard. He's romantic. He's talented in many ways. He's sweet. He can make me cry. He's often considerate. He's a complete jerk. He can make me laugh. He watches corny movies with me. He keeps me from watching things that aren't good for me. He's everything i need Him to be. And i lust after Him as much as i love Him.

Today, the "official" day for sweethearts, for lovers, all kinds of mushy crap got passed around. People bragging about getting flowers. People complaining about their significant other being a complete douche and forgetting to get them anything.


Master had to work tonight and i was away at school much of the day. We had a little more than one hour we were able to spend together today. i miss Him horribly. This schedule is such a challenge. But He does it, and helps me so much, making sure that i'm making the most of the education He's making sure i get.

He's the perfect Master for me. And every day, i love Him for everything He is to me, and i try and tell Him so.

Today i just thought i'd tell you folks, too.


Masterofslavej said...

Sweet girl. I love you so, and I don't need a secular holiday to tell me that. Still, Happy Valentine's day...

trinity-pup said...

Awww, lovely post! :-)

i am loving your collar (as well as the profile pic!). It looks pretty heavy - is it?

t. x

jenpet said...

i love my collar too! It is not terribly heavy, though i never forget it is there...It is actually a dog's choke chain, cut down and a link opened to make it a continuous loop of curb chain. Because of the thickness, despite the opened link, Master is actually able to pick me up by it. It is *very* permanent, we never have taken it off since Master put it on me in 2009...

Masterofslavej said...

That's right, and it's not coming off. You heard me Airport Security!

In all honesty I have to laugh at the times the girl has had to clear the court house metal detector, and in front of her parents. she kept telling them, "It doesn't come off!
Look!" *tug* "See?"

I loved it!

I know, I know, I'm a big meanie...