Saturday, February 12, 2011

Naked Plumber to the Rescue...

So, last night I noticed that our removable hand held shower head had a large crack in it at the base of the hose connection. This peeved me a little because this is the second identical shower head that we have had to replace for the same exact reason. Plastic does not make a good, long term coupler! Run enough hot water through and it gets brittle and cracks.

Now I know that "planned obsolescence" has become a staple of our economy, but having to buy a new item repeatedly gets old. So, to that end we went out to our local hardware outlet to look at quality, mid-range, METAL hand held shower heads. Being a small town, their selection was not staggering but sure beat the crap out of Wall-hell, I mean Cheap-mart, I mean... Well you get it.

Anyway, so we look through the selection and comparatively shop for the best fit. The issue I have with the options is that they use chrome coated plastics which have a striking similarity to metal, which is the point I know. Still makes it hard to actually find a metal shower head. We settled upon a shower head that disturbingly looked like a small frying pan from the OakBrook Collection, which was on sale. Maybe that should have been a clue for me, oh well.

We returned home and, as our little boy was asleep, we rushed upstairs and had ourselves a little pre-post period fuck. More on that, maybe later. Anyway, now sweaty and in need of a shower, we went back down stairs to attempt one last use of our broken shower head. I re-attached the cracked coupler to the shower line and cranked it on. Thankfully it did not explode into some kind of comedic fire hose gone wild skit. There was some serious water leakage but it functioned for the most part.

I usually allow the girl to get in first since scalding hot, flesh melting temperatures are what she enjoys and there is usually plenty of hot water for me once I kick her out, er... when she is done.
However the pressure became too much for the cracked coupler and soon there was more water coming out of it that out of the shower head. There I stood; naked, covered in sex and sweat and hot steam. What to do?

I'll tell you what to do, go get your plumber's wrench, plumber's tape, and the most blatant plumber's crack ever and get to work replacing that shower head! It was a quick switch out for the shower head bracket, though I was pissed to discover that, sure enough the new one was plastic as well. In fact the only part of the whole thing that was actually metal turned out to be that big, frying pan shower head. Which of course now caused a problem.

Let me tell you folks, there is no substitute for product testing (possibly a shameless plug for our upcoming toy reviews;). A big metal frying pan hanging off of a small plastic ball jointed bracket equals shower shame. Literally, the whole thing just kept hanging its head. The only way to use the damn thing without having to hold it would be to stand directly under it like some kind of midget Star Trek transporter pad. Obviously that wasn't going to work!

The fix? New bracket and hose, old shower head. That's right folks, it is garish, clashes horribly, but damn it, it works. And, as a side note, the frying pan had five settings where our old faithful had only four. And in fives settings the pan didn't have one that I like. Not one. So much for innovation. An added benefit, as a result of having a new hose system on the shower, the water pressure is nearly tripled what it was. I am so going to start using that shower head to bring the bitch over the edge time and time again. Yay, fun additions to our bath tub play! Stay tuned, dear readers...

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