Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beyond Words... Again...

So this past weekend we were ecstatic to have the chance to go back to our dear friends Master Pravus and his Red Vinyl Kitty. I packed our bags a day early, putting nearly half of our collection of toys and implements in the bags and filling them up to the brim. I knew that we wouldn't get a chance to use all of it, but I love options. There are not enough hours in the weekend to use all of what we have sadly, but that means that there is always something new for later.

We packed up the car and the kiddo Saturday and hit the road on schedule. The girl suffers from severe travel anxiety and long trips to visit friends and family usually make for a very long trip. However this time, the girl was placid and calm and eager to have fun, but not anxious. It was pleasant.

We dropped off our little monster with family and spent some time chatting and enjoying the day. The whole while there was this undercurrent of eager excitement, something we saw in the other during shared glances. Finally it was time to get going and we happily made our way to Master Pravus and RVK's place (I like that RVK). We recently got a new camera, a lovely Canon PowerShot SX130IS but sadly the 32g card we ordered separately did not arrive, so we had to make a quick stop over at the near by Radio Shack to pick up a suitable replacement for our absentee memory card. We picked up an 8g card for $20 on sale. It worked great (don't believe me? Just check out these beautiful snap shots).

That little chore complete, it was all speed to MP and RVK's. I have a good memory for places I've been so in no time at all we were pulling into their complex. The eager excitement was ramping up as the girl and I lugged our baggage up to their apartment, remember there was a lot to carry. The door opened and our dear friends invited us in and, once the toys were situated, we all embraced.

It was good being back at their place, it has a very comfortable lay out and we saw that there had been some special preparations made in anticipation of our arrival. The entertainment center had been rearranged to offer more floor space, select toys of theirs had been strategically placed for convenience, etc. We set our stuff to the side and made ourselves comfortable for a little talking time. It is always such a blessing to have such a great friendship bond with those you play with.

Being far more comfortable than our first visit, we didn't wait too long before aspects of play started breaking through. Master Pravus set up a number of webcams to capture the night's frivolities and as he finished aligning the camera's he told his kitty to undress jenpet and get her into her special outfit for the night. By a lovey turn of fortune, both kitty and jenpet have the same exact maid outfit already in their wardrobes. We Masterly types had conspired over the previous weeks to have the two of them in matching maid costumes and serve us while we had a chance to just sit back and talk. An added bonus? The girl hates maid outfits, especially that one as it has scratchy lace lining it. Get that, the bitch can be bound entirely by sisal rope, but whines about the lace on that dress. Priorities :D.

I digress. Kitty quickly stripped down the girl and got her into the loathed piece. Then it was the girl's turn to dress up the kitty. Dear Robot Santa on Pluto did those girls look hot! See? I know right! Well, once they were dressed it was time for a little dinner. Master Pravus and his kitty had made a tasty chicken noodle stew of sorts, very nummy, and the girl's fetched us our bowls and offered them while kneeling. Such good little girls.

Master Pravus and I sat and ate while the girls stayed kneeling in nadu position while we talked. Soon, Master Pravus handed his empty bowl to the girl and sent her to fetch his Monster drink from the freezer. Upon returning and offering it to him, Master Pravus pulled jenpet's breasts free from the dress and used the cold can on her nipples. Hot!... or, you know what I mean. I in turn pulled the sexy kitty to me and stared into those gorgeous eyes of hers. A smile spread over my lips while I thought of all the mean things I was about to put her through.

We then let the girls' have a chance to eat, well jenpet had a nibble while kitty just lapped up some water, while we began to set the stage. Once they were done, we put them together on all fours while we both inspected the meat before us. There is something terribly erotic in inspecting one's property, for both sides.

Then it was deemed time for the kitty to finally, after years of waiting, to break in her strap on harness. Can you believe that she had never had the chance to fuck a girl before with it? And how could we pass up the opportunity with such a sexy ass as my jenpet? Kitty was excited, you could tell, and with a little preparation, she was ready to go. jenpet was placed kneeling, upper-half on the couch and kitty came in from behind. Such a gentle creature, she was barely getting the head into the girl when Master Pravus came up behind and gave her a hand. So hot! Yet the girl's favorite position from behind is to be put on her face on the floor, ass up and before long that is how she found herself. The kitty worked diligently to work the bitch into a moaning mess, but before anyone could get off ;) Master Pravus had the kitty get up on the couch so the girl could ride her. Not being a big rider, I was so looking forward to seeing her work herself on the kitty's cock (which is named Andrew, btw). As expected it was a little difficult for her, but OMG the pictures!

Sadly the girl had a negative reaction to what I am thinking is a developing latex allergy and was unable to continue. Oh how we were all sad that that couldn't continue, but we are already planning the next session Andrew vs jenpet II, Dong Busting. At this point the kitty, who had been working hard on the girl, needed a drink and, still made to wear the massive cock, knelt down to lap up some water from her dish. Then her neck froze up, ouch!

Once we had kitty's neck loosened up, Master Pravus laid out on the massage table and put jenpet to work rubbing him down. Soon the kitty was in on it and he had two slave girls working him over from every angle. Then it was my turn. I am not usually one for massages, getting them anyway, as I enjoy giving them, however this was heavenly. A guy can get used to that kind of treatment ;).

After our muscle rubs it was decided that we should all go down to the hot tub and soak. The walk down was fun, chill February air sneaking in under coats and bath robes as we made our way to the outdoor pool. Now I am not usually one for water above about 100 degrees, but the situation that developed was too hot not to join in;). We each spent some quality time with our respective pets, but before long we were holding the others' girl. It turned into a lovely little public scene, despite the dark of the night and the somewhat secluded spot. I brought my camera, the old one not the new on, just in case;) and snapped some awesome shots of us all together, and separate.

Now I am ashamed to say that Master Pravus is the only individual I know of that has managed to get the girl even a little naked outdoors, and he has done so TWICE. The girl must really like him :D. Not to worry though, I have informed the girl that as the weather warms up, I am going to correct that oversight ;). It also turns out that it was a first for kitty, having me pull her breasts out of her bikini and making her cum a number of times in the outdoor hot tub. Delightful, turn about is, after all, fair play ;D.

Still, we couldn't stay in the tub the whole night, so we decided it was time to go back and continue our fun. On the walk back we switched it up a bit, Master Pravus walked with jenpet and I was holding the kitty close to me. Upon our return it was time for swim suits to go into the dryer and the Master's to be showered by the girls. Kitty bathed me while jenpet washed down Master Pravus in the other bathroom.

When we had all returned to the front room, naked and bathed, it was time to get a little thank you from the girl's for their strap on fun. Last time we visited we waited until the last part of the night for the girl's to suck us off. Not this time, we wanted our fun up front :D. The girl has such a delightful mouth, and despite her loathing of cold temps, she has developed this penchant for taking a drink of ice cold water before taking my cock into her mouth. Refreshing I say, I also have developed a taste for it. Well this time, she put my cock into her mouth, then took the drinking straw provided by our gracious hosts and drank while she sucked. Delicious!

I should interject here and mention a further aspect of fun for the girls. Master Pravus had been kind enough to pick up disposable litter boxes for the girls and even put their names on them. Kitty had to use her's shortly before the strap on play. However, jenpet is shy about her pissing and tried to hold out as long as possible. It was so unspeakably hot for me to watch her as she had to finally use said litter box. I was also very proud of her for doing so throughout the rest of the weekend.

I digress. Now that we had gotten our treats up front, it was time to start getting to work on the girls. At this point I lost track of exactly what had happened with Master Pravus and jenpet as my full attentions fell upon the pretty kitty. Not to say that I didn't check up on her regularly, as did Master Pravus with his kitty, but I can not account for all of their fun.

The last time I was there I bound the kitty up in a lovely little rope harness, but this time I wanted to give her something she had not had before. So out came my chains and my padlocks. I love the sound of chains rattling and the knowledge that there is no way for my partner to escape my hold. I am certain the kitty does now,as well. I wrapped chain around her waist and made a crotch harness with a padlock in the front and one in the back, with a 6" piece of leftover chain making a cute little tail. I then took a long chain and wrapped it around her ribs beneath her breasts and then above. Connecting them by length between her bound tits up to her stainless steel collar. I then took the four way chain and locked the center ring to her crotch chain and locked the other four to her limbs. Successfully turning her into a restrained little kitty. Making her crawl around on all fours with such tight restriction was just so wonderful. Even better when the pretty kitty had to use the litter box while still chained up. HOT!

Well, while I had such a captive audience, it was time to break out the toys. First I inserted one of the kitty's favorite butt plugs into her ass and relocked the chain. Next, I had brought a number of beating implements and I reintroduced her to each one, making her kiss each before I used them all on her. The plan was to get an idea of what toys worked best upon her, to maximize my efficiency in beating her;). And finally we settled upon two. The bamboo cane/paddle thing affectionately named "the Clackers" by the kitty and the heavy, fur lined paddle. With these two, I brought her quickly to tears and left some lovely marks upon her ass.

Eventually it was time to take the chains off and move onto something will a little more bite. Sisal rope. I bound her in similar ways to the chain, wrapped two or three times around her chest above and below her breasts, and then bound each breast individually. Then I bound her hands behind her back. However, as much as she loved the feeling, and how it constricted her, it constricted her in an unexpected way. She lost feeling in the upper flesh of her breasts, but not the nipples nor did it cut off the blood flow. We decided that it must have been putting pressure on a nerve or nerves under her arms when they were pulled back to be tied. So, sadly the sisal had to come off.

However, this then brought us to a lovely point in the evening where the girls wanted to show their appreciation for all the fun we had had. Kitty settled in on her knees at my feet and began working my cock in her hot little hands. Master Pravus sat across from us and had jenpet do much the same. However, in very little time he put her in the chair and began fucking her tits. It was very hot to watch as the kitty worked me off. I sprayed cum all over her sexy self, and she was very happy to be covered.

Then it was back to the mutual showers for everyone. kitty washed me again, and I returned the favor and came back to the living room before Master Pravus was done with his shower time with jenpet. I had the kitty lay on the floor and I mummified her with belts. Then I took one of her favorite vibrators and began working her over. There she lay, completely helpless and moaning as the vibe worked at her clit. Then as she grew close I told her she was going to have to hold it for me. I told her that she could hold out for eleven minutes for me and her eyes widened in excited fear. For eleven minutes I kept her on or near the edge, drinking in her suffering. Cute little thing laughs so when she is tormented that way, begging, whining, laughing. It was so hot to watch. Sadly, the eleven minute time limit came to and end and, true to my word I allowed her to cum, after making her beg pretty for it of course. Oh how she flopped, shuddering and twitching, screaming and laughing, tears in her eyes. The kitty came for so long, longest she had ever had to my recollection. :D She kept gasping "Who comes for that long? Seriously what was that?"

Once done with that, I had her turn over and I began beating up on her ass some more. I worked her through a different way to process the pain throughout the night and really put her to the test there at the end. The marks were incredible and she made me so proud as she handled the whole thing. Good Kitty!

Sadly, the night kind of wound down after that. The girl's returned to their owners for a little after, after care. I told the girl that despite all she had been through, I was still going to fuck her before bed. Ah, tears. We, at some point, let the kitty have a quick taste of the girl's pussy before bed, and she was so grateful. Soon the girls huddled up together and under a full sized blanket this time. Master Pravus and I broke out the video games, but that didn't last too long. The girls, despite swearing up and down that they weren't going to fall asleep were out in a very short time. Girl snuggling does that I guess :D. Master Pravus took his kitty in to tuck her into bed and I bound up the girl, chaining her once again to the pull out couch. Master Pravus and I then watched the first hour or so of a movie before we decided to turn in. As promised, I fucked the girl and curled up beside her to sleep for a couple of hours.

The next morning is kind of blurry. I don't remember the reason, but I pulled out the fur lined paddle and began working the girl over, beating her ass and thighs. God I love the sounds she makes when she is getting beaten. Then I had the idea to show the kitty who else cums like she had the night before. I bound the girl up with belts the same way and took a bullet vibe from my upcoming toy review. I told the girl that she was going to have to double the kitty's time from the night before. How she suffered. I love watching the agony of sustained denial spread over her whole body. Master Pravus joined us on the bed and began joining in the tease. As we neared the 22 minute mark, the kitty was still in the midst of making breakfast and couldn't come to see the girl cum so I extended the deadline until after the kitty finished cooking the bacon.

The kitty, wonderfully but unbeknownst to me at the time, cooks her bacon slowly on the lowest heat. Therefore the slave was forced to wait another twenty minutes for a total of 45 minutes before she was finally allowed to cum. OMG did she cum. I could hear the belts creaking against her muscles as they strained. The girl must have cum for three minutes straight before she finally collapsed crying. The strain had been massive and she had developed leg cramps from her toes to her hips. Still, I loved it and was so proud of her. But even that wasn't the longest she has ever been kept on edge. We spent some time massaging and rubbing the girl down till she eased up a bit.

Things got moving after that. We ate breakfast, the kitty had cereal, we ate eggs, bacon and toast, and the girl ate while still chained from the night before. Once breakfast was settling, Master Pravus took the girl once more and kitty brought out her pony tack. She had offered to show it to me and I couldn't resist putting her in it. She looked adorable, and had we the time and some privacy I would have loved to take her for a walk on the reigns. As it was I kept the bridal off her and instead bound her up with belts and began working her inner thighs with the dreaded white plastic spoon. I warmed her up with repeated strikes at an even beat until her skin began to color deeply. Then I switched to the "Clackers" and added more marks on her upper thighs. Again, I worked her through a different pain management mentality and she didn't scream or cry out once during the beating.

While this was going on, Master Pravus had used the girl to breast fuck once more and was in the shower while I applied color to the kitty's thighs. I think he was surprised when he came back with a blissed out, wet jenpet, that he hadn't heard her earn her marks.

I unbound the kitty and I had her straddle my right thigh and begin humping to bring herself off. It was really hot to watch her work and more so to feel the hot, wet mess she was making on my leg. I let herself get close, then I put my hand over her mouth and nose and ordered her to cum. There was the instant shock and she straightened a little, but a second later she pressed her face into my hand and rode the shuddering orgasm till the end. I let her gasp for breath and the smile that spread across her face melted my... well, parts.

Then, she again wanted to show me her appreciation for such a great weekend. I put her back between my legs on her knees to bring me off with a hand job. Master Pravus must have loved the girl's tits because while his kitty worked my cock with her tender little hands, he was breast fucking the girl again, the second of the morning and third of the weekend. Kitty was so happy between my legs, it showed in her technique as she teased me again and again, working hard to please me. I shot all over her again and had her continue for the second. I had to laugh because I was sporadically adding lube to keep it slick, but being blissed out and really, really happy, I had terrible aim. I turned the couch, floor, and the poor kitty into a slippery, gooey mess. And then I came again.

Off to the shower again to get cleaned up, we returned to find Master Pravus again fucking the girl's tits, the third time that morning. Kitty and I stood side by side getting video and snap shots of the two of them as he came all over the slave's tits. It is incredibly hot to see the girl covered in someone else's cum and enjoying it so. Sadly, after that last shower, it was time to start getting wrapped up and ready to get going. Thankfully we were not as rushed as last time and had real chance to wind things down. We loaded up the car while Master Pravus and his RVK emptied out the disposable litter boxes. By the time all was a said and done, the girl each had pissed so much that there was more fluid than litter in the trays. We embraced as friends and we said our goodbyes. With that, our spectacular weekend came to a comfortable and happy end.

We are already beginning to plot for the next time. Stay tuned, dear reader, there is so much more to come with this lovely couple, our dear friends Master Pravus and his Red Vinyl Kitty... (and jenpet's coming account of the weekend spent with them is also in the works!)


Red Vinyl Kitty said...

We had such a blast. Thank you both for visiting. :) Neither of us can wait until next time. (But we will, because we have to!) :)

K & J said...

Sounds like an amazing time.