Friday, May 27, 2011

And it was heavenly...

It had been a while since we last saw our dear friends Master Pravus and his lovely Red Vinyl Kitty, and the last time, two of us weren't feeling on top of things...But last weekend, we were all feeling great and excited to see each other again. 

Unfortunately, we got a bit sidetracked by an issue with Master's car and arrived at our hosts' home a little later than planned. Master and i felt a bit guilty, but were quite amused watching Master Pravus enjoy the thorn he found in the roses we brought them in honor of their May birthdays. (Ridiculous, i say -- a single thorn in a dozen roses? What on earth are they doing to the best part of those gorgeous flowers?) 

We began our lovely weekend together with a BBQ on their porch, and all of us enjoyed a bit of a smoke. Master and Master Pravus enjoyed cigars, i was allowed to smoke a clove, and Kitty tried my Blu's (e-cigarette). After having been fed and watered, our toppy types took us inside and it wasn't long before the fun began. Master was working me over with our Viper's Tongue, while Master Pravus worked over Kitty with theirs, which were very, very different. Ours looks like a square snake's tongue and is made of one piece of leather, while theirs has angled slashes on either side of a slit down the middle and is made slapper style, that is, two pieces of leather. i remember laying on the floor staring into Kitty's blue, icey sapphire-like eyes while flashes of tasty pain were delivered to each of us. Eventually we switched, and Master Pravus began working me over while Master pulled out His ropes to use on the Kitty. A slew of various implements were used, and there's a toy i'll be keeping my eye out for -- scary looking, but wondrously thuddy impact with just the barest sting...

There was repeated talk of having Kitty and i fist each other, and so after Master Pravus set aside the toys he'd pummeled me with, he began attempting to warm me up for such an event. There came a mind blurring point where i wasn't sure if there was a cunt attached to my body. Pleasure had become an absence of feeling, and i had no idea if i would be able to handle any more without knowing if i was hurting or having fun! From the hazed sense of pleasure, i watched Master and Kitty playing with rope -- it is always fun for me to see Master's mad rope skills (unfortunately, i'm a rather picky and impatient sort, and Master often gets aggravated while attempting to put me in His rope, so it's way more fun to watch Him with someone who isn't me). Kitty looked fabulous in her harness, and i suggested that they take a few pictures in the Kitty Cave (her workroom and their playroom), without all the mess of a billion toys scattered about. (And those pictures are sexy! You can see some of them on her blog, linked above, or over on our FetLife profiles!) i'm not sure how it began, but i suddenly found myself swallowing down Master's cock, greedy for Him, while Kitty straddled His chest and made out with Him.

By this time, the "appointed" hour of the rapture had come and gone, and it was getting rather late, but we all thought a trip down to the hot-tub and pool would be a nice interlude before we continued. We engaged in our usual foolishness, that is, goofing off and making out, and it was nice for Kitty and Master to be able to switch over to the pool when the hot-tub became too warm for them, while Master Pravus and myself primarily enjoyed the heat. There was a rather amusing aspect to the trip down, as another resident of the complex came to use the hot-tub and pool. i became very shy and Master Pravus whispered to me that the woman didn't know if i was with him or not, so we continued to make out a bit. When Kitty and Master returned to the hot-tub, she came over and kissed Master Pravus, while Master sat next to me and we rubbed each other affectionately. The woman must have been confused, but . . . she remained amicable. And it was kind of funny to watch an outsider attempt to make sense of what we had (unthinkingly) done.

When we returned to our host's abode, we cleaned ourselves up a bit (chlorine, you know!) and headed out to the porch for another round of BBQ and smoke. It feels like we've been friends forever, kind of a simple, at ease, no pressure situation. After our tummies were again sated, we headed to the Kitty Cave to play with the swing. i'd never been fucked in one before, and we attempted to situate me for a double penetration, with Master fucking my face and Kitty nailing me with her strap-on. However, that didn't work out so well, as i felt dizzy suspended in such a fashion, so it was settled, that once the cameras had been situated, Kitty would fuck me with Andrew, and then Master would have a shot. Let me just say: suspended fuckings are hot. We had no idea it was so late, and the reverberation from the spring of the swing eventually caused the upstairs neighbors to respond. i was moved from the swing to the floor, while Master finished fucking me, making out with Kitty while Master Pravus kept me from begging to cum, either by kissing or gently applying pressure to my mouth and nose. i begged repeatedly, and Master Pravus told me "I don't think He knows you're there, you're just a cunt around His dick" or something to that effect, and it was humiliating, humbling and heavenly. When Master finished, Master Pravus straddled me and fucked my tits, commenting that i was of service to everyone. As he finished, leaving me sticky with lube and his signs of pleasure, Kitty came by and threw a towlette down on my chest and said "Clean yourself up" with such seriousness (but a lovely impish sparkle in her eye), that after a moment, we all couldn't help but laugh. It was beautiful, and along with the rapture that had been predicted, became the running joke of the weekend.

After getting cleaned up, we snuggled in the living room, watching Invader Zim (i love Gir!! i cannot believe that i'd never gotten into the show before now! LOL), though when Master noticed i was getting dozy, He got me up because there was yet one thing that couldn't be missed before He let me sleep. We wandered back into the Kitty Cave, where Master and Master Pravus slipped beautiful, black, one inch rope through the eye bolts in the ceiling, and Master fashioned a non-sliding noose for my neck. With Master on one end of the rope, and i at the other, He pulled. Up and down, i went, alternating between tiptoes and flat footed, trying to stretch as far as i could to ease the tension Master put on the rope. i don't remember how many times Master did that, but it was delightful, and scary. It was very interesting, having Master Pravus and Kitty watching -- i am always concerned that our edge play will make others frightened and uncomfortable around us, despite the fact that Master takes as many precautions as He can to keep me safe in our edge play.

When Master let me down, and coddled my dizzy, tripping and subbed-out self, we met Kitty and Master Pravus back in the front room, where Kitty gave me something she'd bought for me from her allowance - the cutest, most perfect puppy toy, a plushie, squeaky, pink bone with little black puppy prints all over it. i was so loopy, i wasn't sure i thanked her properly, but i love it so much! (Shhh, i sleep with it, and if Master puts me in the cage, i have to have it!) While watching more Zim, snuggled next to Master, i fell asleep.

In the morning, i woke, feeling restless and craving Master's touch, though i really didn't mean to wake Him. He rolled me around and played with me, beating on me with His leather gloves. We heard our phones go off, and Master found it was Kitty, tweeting that we were still asleep, though she'd had another sleepless night. We tweeted Kitty, telling her we were awake and she was welcome to come and join us. She arrived with a little blue mouse, and i squeaked my bone in greeting. Eventually, Master Pravus joined us (blinking a bit sleepily, i thought, and felt a bit bad for keeping him up until 5 and then waking him at 9 or so), and more fun ensued. He again fucked my tits, and there was a towel thrown upon me when he finished, and someone said "now clean yourself up," at which point, we all laughed again. Once Master Pravus and i emerged from the shower, cleaned and warm, i offered to help make breakfast, and while he scrambled eggs, i got to work on pancakes. We chuckled about possessed toasters, cool toasters, and Hello Kitty Toasters, he shared a nifty trick about getting egg protein off of dishes easily (it works!!) and we listened to Kitty getting a belated birthday spanking from Master before He fucked her tits, eventually switching to just jacking off on her which point Master Pravus threw a towel down on Kitty and said "Clean yourself up." We all laughed again as we ate a tasty breakfast, followed by a hard pill to swallow -- it was time for Master and i to prepare to leave. Master and Kitty showered together while i gathered the last of our things, and Master Pravus opened the bathroom door so that we could hear the last gasps of the fun weekend.

As usual, it was a special visit with special friends, whom we are so glad to have met, and we are definitely looking forward to next time...


Red Vinyl Kitty said...

I adored reading this. I grinned and laughed and it put such a smile on my face. Your retellings are always so whimsical and fun!

I am so so so glad you like your squeeky bone. Master made me beg to buy it for you in the store. ^^

It was all so fun, and I am so glad we met, you just have no idea.

::mega hugs and kitty kisses::

MAcula said...

That was a great re-telling. I'm touched you remembered my comments while being fucked on the floor by your Master. I was thoroughly enjoying the moment as well.

Now I have no excuse not to have a great post myself. I best get to work this weekend and make it gold!

jenpet said...

@Red_Vinyl_Kitty: aawww...
i think my retellings are whimsical and fun because that's how i see the visits...
Now my bone is *extra* special -- knowing you begged for it in the store!
Oooh, so, so glad that we're all mutually glad to have met... ;)

@MAcula: of course!
i try so hard to remember as many moments as i can -- there are always so many hot, sexy, thrilling moments shared between the four of us, it's ridiculously head filling!
i'll be excited to read it!

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