Monday, May 16, 2011

Comfortable in my skin...

Yay! The semester is over, and i am on my second full week free from everything placing demands upon my time. Well. Free from everything but Master. Despite getting off to a strange start to summer vacation, things are looking lovely. Master and i are more at home, relaxed and feeling far less stressed and short-tempered. We feel more connected. 

We did get off to a strange start, with a few odd trips that kept me from sinking immediately into my life as Master's property, well, that and we were all sick. 

But, our second week has shaped up loverly! 

We've found the time and the space to connect intimately, thanks in part to the Liberator gear. Even when the kid steals Master's bed, we now have a "portable" fuckstation, if you will. Hauling the Liberator around the house has given us opportunities we might not have had otherwise. The lack of playtime over the semester made me feel a bit more adventurous, too, i think. Kaya has talked about her love-hate relationship with being a cunt under the desk, and so the other day, Master was looking through the massive amounts of porn He'd downloaded, and i suggested that i'd fit under His desk nicely. And it was hot! The cage now has a permanent place to be set up, so the impending threat of putting me in the cage might really happen whenever, and there's been talk of electrifying the thing on top of all that...(shiver!)

So far, though, i think Sunday morning was my favorite. i was looking forward to something a little rougher than we'd previously had opportunities for, and Master seemed up for it as well (heheh). He tried out his new Delrin cane (ouch!!), and Viper Tongue (oohhHhhOohh! interesting!!), and brought out the standard leather gloves, bag clips and wooden clothespin zippers. i was bound tightly to the bed, and, well, it was pretty damned lovely. After that, we just kind of lounged there, most of the day, not doing much of anything, having nibbles here and there nabbed from the kitchen. We connected as Owner and property first, and then spent the rest of the day connecting as a family, just being together. It was beautiful.

And i, i am comfortable in my skin, my place as Master's property, His plaything. i've been able to devote myself entirely to the tasks He has set for me, and...there's so much to look forward to, so much to dread as His Sadist comes out of repression!

It is good to be me. Long live summer!


K & J said...

Glad to see you & your Master are able to have some fun again.
How much longer are you in school?? Me & Kara just finished up so at least now will have more free time. A lot easier just have to focus on one job rather than work, school, homework, internships, etc..
Anyway I hope you 2 have a fun summer planned.

~Jess XX~

_sub_girl said...

Very happy to hear you two are getting back to normal (whatever the hell "normal" is)!

Master Pravus said...

Sounds like the summer is shapIng up nicely! I know we're looking forwad to Saturday. I hope you two have a great 3rd week of fun fuckery!!!

jenpet said...

@K&J - We are glad too! As it stands, i'll have one more semester to finish up my associates. We'll see what happens after that...

@_sub_girl - well, back to debauchary and kink, anyway. i've always kind of thought that "normal" needs to be left out of defining people. ;)

@Master_Pravus - oh, yes, yes, yes! Saturday should be very exciting! :D /happy dance!/