Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So Much Improved...

Well, there was no lack of whinging over the last few months, that schedule was horrific on a level that threatened sanity and health alike. But now we are both home, at the same time, together! And things have improved quite a bit.

Recently we put the cage up in a permanent home in a nook up stairs. Since then the girl has spent a couple of hours on a couple different days locked away securely. I have to say that having her locked up where I want her is almost better than having her at hand all day.

I also have to say that I have been greatly impressed with the increased interest that the girl has displayed in our kinky play. During our painful hiatus it seemed that the girl had little or no interest in being bound or in doing much at all. Though I was, and am, understanding of her reasoning what with the stress of classes and such. However this revived interest has taken me a bit by surprise and done so in the best ways.

During our recent play session with Master Pravus and his Red Vinyl Kitty, I had the opportunity to string the girl up by her neck. Again as many of you know I am a huge fan of breath play and noose play in particular. I have never had the opportunity to pull her up onto her toes before and greatly enjoyed the experience. What really surprised me was how much the girl enjoyed it as well. To the point of enjoying looking at the pictures and video of the experience. Breath play is one of those things that the girl does like, but has a hard time admitting it openly. Yet not this time, she enjoyed the experience and found the photos to be very hot to look at.

Beyond that, I was looking at new items to request from Eden Fantasies to review and the girl suggested an item that I had disregarded as not being an interest to her. It is an anal dildo, specifically one designed to be used as a double penetration toy during sex! I was flabbergasted that she would suggest it and immediately ordered the item. Those of you who have followed us for a while may remember our short lived attempt to introduce anal into our play. Anal has never been something that the girl had much interest in and something that we haven't had much experience with as a result. So you may be able to better understand my complete shock that she would ask to have this toy.

Just today we had the opportunity for some alone time thanks to an unexpected child nap. When we retreated to our play area upstairs the girl went to our nook and retrieved a bundle of thin rope which she offered to me. I was again surprised, normally when I have an interest in tying her I have to force in upon her, especially rope harnesses and yet here she was offering me the rope to bind her with. Well, I needed no additional incentive and bound a lovely chest harness upon her. The girl was helpful and quiet during its application, none of the usual little complaints or impatient huffing that so often accompanies rope bondage. It was lovely, both the experience and the result.

There have been other little things that have improved as the school semester grows faint in our memories, whether by the passage of time or intentional repression. So much so that at times it seems like the difference between night and day in dealing with the girl. I feel the change in me as well, like the classic weight being lifted from my twisted and strained back. There remain a few niggling little issues that follow us, waiting to ambush our enjoyment. Though I keep hoping that these will fade as well.

Especially as we approach this year's Thunder in the Mountains. This will be our first year attending Thunder and we are both so very excited to be a part of it. We've picked out the seminars that hold the most interest for us and have allotted time to visit the venders to do a bit of kinky shopping. I'm practically drooling at the chance to get my hands on some serious bondage rope. Oh and the play parties! I can hardly wait! *Drool*

It's been a long time coming, but things are really shaping up nicely now that the girl is home. We've had far more opportunities to play in the last month than we had in the previous four, I've started writing the reviews for Eden Fantasies again and have two new items on their way even now, and with the warmer weather I've been able to go outside and catch up with my martial activities. All in all, May was a good month and I'm hoping that June will be even better. Stay tuned dear reader...

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Red Vinyl Kitty said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you're both doing well.