Monday, May 9, 2011


Well, it has been too long, again. I'm sorry for that, things got crazy during the last weeks. But we are finally free and clear of this semester! Thank the gods, it was almost too much to handle. We are no strangers to the opposing schedule, having done it several times in the past. But this time, with the addition of our child, it was murder on our dynamic. Things slipped through the cracks as if they were the grand canyon. Too many opportunities were missed, feelings were hurt on both sides.

But here we are, having made it through the other side and now finally things will have the chance to return to normal. Will they, of their own accord and without a lot of effort, remains to be seen. It is not easy to repress a part of yourself, for what ever reason, noble or otherwise, for such a long time without some resulting issues. Every impulse I had to bind her, or shove her in a cage, or punish her for any number of infractions, both large and small. I know why I did it and I still see it as necessary. I don't begrudge the reason, but there was no balance, no time for balance in our lives for the past three months and it has left its mark upon us.

Yesterday was a promising start, a great day spent together. While our child was still asleep, I took her upstairs, manhandled her, bound her with rope face down on the bed, and had my way with her. It was much needed for both of us and I look forward to many more chances in the coming days. I will begin chaining her to the bed again at night, continue working on training that needs to be seen too. In general it will be so nice to have our lives back, to have my slave back.

I want to thank all those who have given us support and to our dear friends and play partners for being so understanding throughout this semester. And to you dear readers for sticking with us and our lack of posting over the last little bit. I hope to have much more frequent updates as to us and our lives. Also I'll finally be able to focus upon our toy reviews. Stay tuned...

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