Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Rapture Weekend Wrap Up...

What a weekend for a visit to our dear play partners Master Pravus and Red Vinyl Kitty. The predictions for the day were a sunny day, a low chance of rain, and the end of the world. What better way to spend our predicted last hours than engrossed in hedonistic, kinky fun?

I could think of nothing better. Besides, if Jesus were to come knocking, I'd be more than happy to let him have a turn at the girl with the whip. I hear he has a miraculous touch ;).

This play date was actually about two weeks behind schedule because of female issues, family issues, and just general difficulties in lining up the meet. Personally I am surprised it doesn't happen more often, and grateful that it hasn't. Despite the issues, we were able to find a weekend that worked for everyone and how awesome is it that it happened to fall on the Rapture Weekend? When people ask me where I was at the end of the world I will get a huge smile on my face.

We arrived a little behind schedule due to an issue with my car. Nothing serious but something to keep an eye on. Despite that we arrived without issue, gave our greetings, a round of hugs and liberal tweaks. Master Pravus had the grill warmed up and we spent the next hour or so on the patio, we Domly types in chairs and the girls on the ground. Master Pravus cooked up some fantastic hamburgers, chicken breasts, and hotdogs.

Along with dinner, MP brought out a pair of cigars. I'm not a smoker normally, but it is hard to pass up cigars, plus they make the girl go wild. We lit up and spent some time chatting while dinner finished cooking and the girls took some photos of us while we smoked. We ate and talked for a long while then we went back inside.

I started pulling the girl's clothes off because I feel that a slave should be naked, especially when about to be used by horny people. Soon the kitty joined her in her de-clothed state and we had two sexy, naked slaves crawling about. To start the evening, MP and I worked our respective girls over, whipping them with Viper Tongue whips and manhandling them just right.

Before long, we switched it up and MP began fingering the girl and I began biding the kitty. Our hope for the night was that we would have the kitty be the first person to ever fist jenpet. To that end, MP began warming up the girl's cunt, pushing a number of fingers into her and working Andrew (kitty's strapon cock) inside. The girl made the most delightful noises while I tied a rope harness on the kitty. The silver sheen of the rope lit up against her soft skin as it hugged her gorgeous curves. She wears rope very, very well. I wanted to get a couple of nice shots of it so we went into the Dungeon were kitty posed for me and my camera.

Before long the rope harness came off the kitty and the girl was brought to yet another orgasm. Master Pravus wanted me to experience what he had in our previous visits when he made out with the girl while the kitty sucked him off. My girl was put to use sucking my cock while I made out with the kitty who straddled my chest. It was extremely arousing to say the least! Master Pravus was kind enough to work the camera while the girls worked. Overwhelmed by the deliciousness of the sensations, I came hard in the girl's mouth. I had her hold it in her mouth so I could get a shot of it before I allowed her to swallow it all.

If I remember correctly, we then went down to the hot tub together. It was a lovely night for a swim and a soak. We had a lot of fun, alternating between the hot tub and the still mostly warm pool. Soon it was time to head back to the apartment and get on with more fun.

Master Pravus and his Red Vinyl Kitty have recently had an overhead bondage beam placed in the Dungeon room and to that they have attached a sex swing. Well, the girl has never been in a sex swing before and kitty was eager to fuck jenpet. The plan also called for the kitty to fist the girl in the swing, but we never did get a chance to do that. Next time for sure!

We adjusted all the straps and got the girl situated in the swing at just the right height for the kitty. We also bound the girl's hands in cuffs attached to the swing to make sure she behaved ;). The kitty put on her harness and lubed up Andrew while my slave looked on helplessly. It is so hot watch as the girls play together and seeing the kitty shove Andrew into jenpet's pussy, and the faces that jenpet makes, was fantastic. It was obvious how much both girls were enjoying themselves as the kitty fucked jenpet to climax.

Then it was my turn. I also have never had the chance to use a sex swing, and how could I pass up a chance to fuck my girl while she was so exposed and vulnerable, and wet? Obviously I couldn't. It was great, being able to use gravity to slam her down on my cock, bouncing her up and down on me. The kitty laid down on the bed next to us and worked herself off watching us fuck and Master Pravus alternated between working the cameras and having the kitty suck his cock.

We began to make some noise, however, as I pounded into her. The chains rattled loudly until the upstairs neighbors began to bound on their floor. At that point we pulled the girl out of the swing and put her on the floor where I could finish fucking her. The kitty came over and she and I began to make out again while Master Pravus knelt down next to the girl and covered her mouth with his, preventing her from begging to cum. It was hot having us all working on each other during that last bit. I came again, pushing the girl across the carpet.

Sweaty, spent, and super happy, we all returned to the living room. Master Pravus took the girl and fucked her tits, shooting his cum all over her chest. It is very hot to see cum on her, especially when it belongs to someone else. I took the girl in to wash up and when we came back, we went outside for our second round of burgers and the rest of our cigars. It was very tasty, Master Pravus knows how to grill 'em.

After that we came back inside and the girls were laid out on the floor. The girl was beginning to feel tired but the kitty was still going strong. Mostly due to an unfortunate bout with insomnia. I place the metal collar and cuffs on the girl while Master Pravus cued up some Invader Zim for us to enjoy. It is as enjoyable just hanging out with everyone as it is delving into kinky fun. A bit less sweaty though;)

The girl started to nod of and before that happened there was one last thing I really wanted to do to her. Most of you probably know that I am a huge breath play fan, and specifically a fan of noose play. Well I have never had the chance to use an overhead beam with which to string the girl up before and our dear friends were happy to let me have the chance. So back into the dungeon we went. Kitty was armed with my camera and caught some great shots and a fantastic video. Master Pravus threaded the rope through the eyelets and I fashioned a fixed noose for the girl. Then I sat on the bed off to the side and drew my girl up on her toes. Her face reddened and she staggered about a bit before I finally let her down. Again and again I did this, keeping her taut longer and longer until finally I could tell she was getting light headed and wobbly. It was awesome! Thank you to our gracious hosts for letting me do that.

After that we went back into the living room. The kitty had a surprise for the girl, a pink, squeaky, bone dog toy with little black paw prints all over it. The girl loved it! And I do to to tell the truth. Thank you kitty for that as well. Master Pravus got the bedding set up for the girl and I, and we all watched a little more Invader Zim until it was time to pass out. I chained up the girl for sleep and we both were out pretty quickly, the pink bone clasped between the girl's paws ;).

Then next morning was just as much fun. I awoke next to the girl, who was grinding her thighs together. I pulled on my pair of leather gloves and began manhandling her again. Spanking her, slapping her thighs and breasts, holding my hand over her mouth and nose, choking her. My phone went off and it was a tweet from the kitty saying that she was up and everyone else was sadly still asleep. I tweeted back that we were up and playing in the front room and that she was invited to the party. A moment later a happy kitty came rushing out to join us. Kitty had a little blue cat nip mouse clutched in her teeth as she crawled over to join us and the girl squeaked her bone in greeting.

Master Pravus came out to join us a couple of minutes after that while I kept abusing the girl. MP sat in his big leather chair and had the girl climb into his lap for some good morning kisses. I decided it was time to give the kitty her birthday spanking, belated a week as it was. Her sexy ass reddened under my hand and tears soaked into the bedding.

Master Pravus took the girl over to the side and began fingering her and fucking her tits again while I belted the kitty, legs spread and hands bound to start working my fingers into her. I worked her hard, hammering my fingers into her while pressing on her stomach with the other hand while the girl moaned and cried behind us. The girl's moans blended with the kitty's and the whole house was filled with the beautiful sounds of begging, moaning women under torment.

Master Pravus came all over the girl once more and took her to shower while the kitty lay resting. When they returned they started talking about breakfast. Though I had not had the chance to get off that morning and was taken with the idea of tit fucking the kitty, something I had not done to her yet. So I stole her away from her kitchen duties and began pumping my cock between her breasts. It was wonderful and reduced me to a sweaty, huffing piston in no time. I wasn't able to finish between her wonderful tits though as my legs began to give out, early morning tightness and all that, so I instead finished by whacking off and covering her chest and stomach in my cum. There was a running joke that kitty started throughout the weekend where when someone would get done tit fucking one of the girls, they would through a towel down on her and say, "clean yourself up." It was a ton of fun.

We ate breakfast and then I went into the bathroom to shower off and the kitty soon joined me. We washed each other clean and then I bound her to the shower wall with the shower wrist cuffs and worked her to what was to the be the last climax of our weekend. We dried off and went back out to gather our things and pack up for the trip home.

As always it was hard saying goodbye, those last moments of contact when hugs and handshakes are given before we have to return to our normal lives. But the joy of this is that we'll be able to go home, look over the gigs of pictures and video we captures, put them up on FetLife, blog about our experiences to relive all the fun we had. And there is always the fun of looking forward to and planning our next trip down.

All in all it was a fantastic visit filled with kinky fun and a bunch of firsts. As the kitty said, Jesus never came, but we all did... repeatedly. ;)...


Red Vinyl Kitty said...

Awesome post! :) I loved reliving the visit through your words. And now my cunt is wet and it'll be be seven hours till Master gets home.

Lol! :)

Masterofslavej said...

Dear kitty, it makes me so happy to find that my post affects you so;) I've been enjoying yours as well...