Monday, December 21, 2009

Kinking up the holiday...

Master had this idea that we needed holiday themed kinky photos (not that i disagree - i love taking photos!) so He swung by the local superstore for a few props.

Thinking, of course that a candy cane is half ready to be kinked already, He sought a large candy cane and a few other items. The largest candy cane he could find, was of course, one of those plastic numbers with lights inside to be used as holiday pathway lights. We stripped out the lights and took the soonest opportunity to prep. A few tweaks, and we were ready to get started!

Initially, Master used one of His regular canes to get some nice marks on my hind end and started snapping pictures. i'm not sure how it came to it, but it was probably me being a smart-ass, but He whopped me one with the plastic candy cane. He liked it so much (and i liked it a bit too) so He went ahead and kept whopping. Turns out it leaves marks as nice as the other canes we have. Though, shortly after we completed our early holiday fun, they had faded to almost nil. i barely mark! Ridiculous!

However, until it breaks (hopefully not) the candy cane is part of the regular toy collection...apparently a part of Christmas will stick with us long after the holidays...

So... We had some pre-Christmas fun, and took photos, and hopefully a few of those will pop up over on FetLife. And maybe one might show up here, too... Who knows?

We have a few posts scheduled to pop up over the holidays, and another video blog coming up soon (what did you all think of the first one?) and meanwhile, we hope you all enjoy your holiday season, however you celebrate!

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