Sunday, December 20, 2009

RDR...Now with Video!

As promised, we've gotten ourselves moving with the videoblog additions to Roles Defining Rules. If you'd like to watch them at the source, visit

Our first post is my re-introduction. Without further ado:


Noba said...

Well your brave in my book for doing a video blog at all if your nervous about it to begin with. So I'm new to reading your blog but have heard of you. I'm wondering how do you and your master do it? I mean play with others and not be jealous. Or really do you still get jealous and if so how do you cope with it? I hope I dont sound rude asking that. If so I'm sorry but it's just kinda a burning question I want to ask a lot of people in kinky relationships of any kind who do.

jenpet said...

@Noba: well, thank you!
i think, the jealousy factor, at least, is lessened by how much Master and i talk. We talk a lot. And when one of us starts feeling jealousy, we talk about why. i think naturally, i wasn't ever wired to be a truly jealous sort. i am ridiculously okay with Master having extra-curricular relationships, to the point which He often asks if i really am okay - and i really am. i think another key factor is the co-dependency that we have together. Yes, we *could* function just fine without each other, but we're both so much better off having each other, and we're ultimately grateful for each other.

Noba said...

@jenpet: Thank you for your time. I'm glad/grateful you took the time to explain it to me. :)