Sunday, December 13, 2009

Twenty Strokes...

So, my darling slave girl earned herself a nice steep punishment over the weekend. How and why we may cover later. However, the punishment called for twenty cane strokes which I administered earlier tonight.

The way that I handle punishments currently, given the severe deficit in time, is to cuff her hands and feet together respectively and bind them to the bed stretching her out.I place a large, mouth stuffing gag we got from Sub-shop to ensure that her screaming won't wake the child... or the neighbors. So presented, I tell her how many she has earned and why. For tonight's punishment, they were broken down into groups of four or five at a time with a short break for her to regain her composure in between.

I have to say that I am quite impressed with my little slave, she managed to remain composed for the majority of the caning, and even the moments she lost control and flopped about madly against the unyielding bonds were pleasing to this sadistic heart. Though, she did surprise me about three quarters of the way through when she managed to pull one foot loose of our very heavy and secure hobble. Never underestimate the strength of a woman in the throws of blissful agony, or just unbearable pain. I managed a few quick snapshots of the results of the caning about half way through that I will post on my Fetlife profile.

Sadly, as if on cue, as the last stoke fell upon her quivering backside our darling son began crying from the other room. I was unable to get the full result on camera and my planned tender aftercare was instantly reduced to undoing her bonds, ordering her to cuddle up on the floor to wait for me, and to rush out as she tearfully thanked me for punishing her. Such is the life of parent. Oh god... I'm a parent for life! Talk about blissful agony...

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