Thursday, December 24, 2009

What is Appropriate...

I know I can't speak for everyone here, but I doubt any of us would cane a paraplegic submissive for not jumping up as we enter the room. What about paddling a slavish amputee for not playing a complete piece from Bach?

The point is that, though slaves live in a harsh world of steep expectations and steeper punishments for failure , a place where excuses only serve to exacerbate said punishments, there are realistic limitations that have to be accounted for.

I'm sure we've heard it all before, and in many cases, may have been the ones saying it. There is no excuse for disobedience or bad behavior. But can that always be said to be true? Are there really no allowances to be had for someone letting their emotions get out of whack? The above examples are pretty extreme but do, I hope, make the point.

Now, what about a less severe example? What about a slave that is emotionally, physically, and/or mentally exhausted that succumbs to their poor mood? What about a slave that is ill or suffering from some chronic issue? Should they be subjected to punishments for poor behavior?

In a very strict sense, yes I suppose they should but I am personally inclined to be more understanding when the reason for the behavior is valid. That is, providing that the slave recognizes their fault and apologizes appropriately. I will not tolerate a slave that tries to justify their very poor behavior.

I know a Master doesn't need a reason to punish or beat their slave. Sometimes we just want to see a red ass and hear some tearful sobbing. However, I do feel that if a Master declares that the slave is being punished for a reason, that reason had better be legitimate and sound. Bullshit punishments, like the paraplegic that fails to rise only serves
, in my opinion, to agitate the slave and undermine the Master...

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