Sunday, December 27, 2009

Video: Submissive

Though i haven't heard any clamoring for more: here's our second videoblog.

i'd really like to know, what do you guys think? Are you enjoying them? What do you want to see in the videoblogs? What do you want to hear? How often would you like us to do video posts? More? Less? Never? If you want to watch them at the source, please visit

Also, Master and i had an interesting conversation about this topic after i recorded the video... Which, somehow brought up the idea that submitting without a submissive nature still wouldn't make one submissive...It makes them obedient. i like that. Though i struggle with obedience, but that's what i want. i want to be obedient, even though i don't feel submissive.

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Florida Dom said...

JenPet: Thanks for doing the video and I hope you keep doing them. The first one stopped in the middle for some reason but this one worked fine. I enjoyed your explanation of how being a submissive for you means doing things that pleaae you as well as him. Some submissives are only happy when they're doing thing to please their Master but it just goes to show the wide range of preferences within the lifestyle.

I hope you keep doing more videos. And have you thought about doing a video of one of your scenes together and posting that? Or have you thought of doing one together talking about the lifestyle. And also showing more than just your face. You're very attractive but it'd be fun to see more of you although I do enjoy the photos on Fetlife.

And sorry you're not getting more comemnts, but there are a lot of lurkers out there. And have a happy holiday season.


Reaperscreature said...

Florida Dom: thanks for commenting. :) Sorry to hear the first one had issues. Hopefully we can keep that from continuing to happen.

We'll see what we can do, as far as the rest. It's hard to say if we'll be able to record one of our scenes to post, as we can get pretty intense and that may not fly with many video hosts. However, doing a joint video with my Master could be interesting! Though we'd probably ramble together much worse than i do alone. ;)

Hopefully someday we'll spur some additional comments with our 2010 posts. Thanks for all your support and questions!

Master-Reaper said...

I just have to say, publicly, that you look so good girl...

lunaKM said...

Drawing lines between submission and obedience is just a way of qualifying your own submission vs someone else's. There is no reason to create new definitions for terms that already have definitions. You can find submission (a form of submit) in the dictionary. That's the way I define it. If you need to clarify that a 'submissive nature' is necessary for submission that's fine. If you think that people who learn submission later on are only just obeying, that's fine too.

Reaperscreature said...

LunaKM: thanks for commenting!

Honestly, i wasn't talking about anyone else's submission other than my own. i don't think a "submissive nature" is required to submit. i just know i don't have one, and i wanted to share how i think about it in terms of my relationship. i wasn't intending that new words with new definitions be put in place to further muddy the waters of what is already a very individual practice.

All i was intending to say was that i don't submit because i'm submissive; with everyone else, i tend to want to run the show. But with my Master i submit because i want to obey, so for me, there is a difference. And that hasn't changed in my ten years of being part of a BDSM relationship.

Hayley Rose said...

i have to say i really enjoyed this video blog of was very imformative to me and helped me to understand what i am becoming in my relationship as far as why i decided to be a submissive to my Husband/DOM....and its true when you says more for you as the sub then it is for Him even though i do truely want him to be 100% happy but there is always a alterior motive ;)...anyways i see that this blog is very old but i am new to your site so its new to i agree a 100% with your Masters comment Jenpet..You look beautiful :)

Reaperscreature said...

@Hayley Rose: Thanks! i know that defining submission sets some people on edge because we "should" be able to use a dictionary for that. The truth is though, the kinky relationships we form are all within our own paradigm, our own fantasy, and the definition should truly fit the individual. Hopefully i'll find time and figure out a way to get the videoblogs going again. Thanks for commenting!