Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And So It Begins...

The end of the semester is nearly upon us and with that comes a nice month long break. What to do with all that extra time? Oh I know, anal training! Even after eleven years, we have only done a little ass play and she is still an anal virgin. Nor has she even had an enema. Well it is time to change all that.

I view this as something of the last bastion of her innocence, the last place she can hide behind her fears. Even as she reads this I know her mind will be screaming, begging to be spared from this. But it is time, time at least to see if it is feasible to make it a more permanent addition to our play and time for me to claim that ass.

Beginning the first week of the break we will start plugging her for an hour with the small plug every day. To start, this will be coupled with time in the cage, keeping her focused and from moving too much. After a couple of days we'll move to tying the plug in for two hours at a time during normal activity. She will be plugged for any sex we have during the break as well.

By the end of the week I'll graduate her with a inflatable plugged enema session. Week two, I'm hoping that I'll have the next larger sized plug so I can start... expanding her horizons so she can wear it for about two hours a day to start, gradually increasing as our schedules permit. My hope is to claim her anal virginity by the beginning of week three.

Though I have to make allowances for the reality of our daily lives to get in the way, I still hope that I will have truly expanded my little slut to a three hole whore as a Christmas present for the both of us. Either way, it should be an experience and one documented by plenty of photos and video to share, I hope...