Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Had to Share This...

Hey everyone. I just had to share this genuine conversation tidbit with you all. This is from this evening when I got home from work. It is an example of how random my sweet slave can be. Though posting this will probably embarrass her, humiliation is all part of the fun... for me.

jenpet - There is this movie, with Colin Farrell in it, called Ondine.

Me - Odin?

jenpet - Yes, it's an Irish film?

Me - Really? Because Odin is one in Russian?

jenpet - No it's Irish. It means... HOLY CRAP!!!

Me - What? Really?

jenpet - Huh? Oh no, I just saw something.

Me - That's awesome! What does it really mean?

jenpet - Something about mermaids?

Me - Nothing about sacred shit?

jenpet - NO!

Me - Okay, okay...

Yep, that is my darling girl. While driving down the road, countless times, she will just randomly exclaim, HOLY SHIT or JESUS! or just give a big panicky sharp intake of breath which sets off my spidy senses, scanning the road for dangers or looking for flaming comets from space crashing down around us. Only to find that a business is having a sale or someone forgot to use a blinker while turning. The result is almost never worth the dump of adrenaline that accompanies her exclamations and she usually pays for it with a sharp slap to the inner thigh...

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