Sunday, November 7, 2010


We recently posted, I think, about the night we spent in the hotel in early October. That was a fantastic night, filled with some of the best kinky moments in the later part of this year. Even now, as I think back to that night, I get all warm and... "ahem" stiff.

Apart from that one, glorious night, and one quick tit fuck sometime following, the rest of October was a really slow month. The changing of the weather, school schedules, our child, and some other miscellaneous crap kept us from enjoying each other carnally.

That is until last night. The mood was right (no one felt like hammered crap), the time was right (the boy fell asleep), and we graciously retreated to the bedroom for some adult activities (we hauled ass up the stairs, shedding clothes like they were on fire, and crashed into each other in the body slam of lust).

There was no bondage, no toys, no words, just my powerful desire to watch her writhe and cry. I tore at her tits and ribs, dragging my fingernails over her flesh from collar bone to ankle. I punched her stomach, slapped her face, covered her mouth and listened to her gasp. I took her... hard. Using her body to tease and tantalize me until the evidence of my pleasure rained down on her chest and stomach like liquid diamonds.

And then I collapsed, utterly spent and blissed. It almost felt like being possessed, like pure passion and desire consumed me before tossing me aside like a used condom. And I wanted more! So much more! The tears were still running down the side of her smiling face, her breath racing to catch up with her quaking, wet body. It wasn't enough, it's never enough. Even then, laying motionless and gasping myself, I wanted to grab her, slap her ass until it was beet red, shove my cock down her throat until she gagged desperately, and fucked her like a dog until she howled.

That moment passed, but then there was tonight. Coming back from a full day of family activity, the boy fell asleep in his car-seat, the perfect chance to make November more than a once off. Again we rushed up stairs, a little more dignified this time, and toys were retrieved. The metal shackles (recently re-sized to fit jenpet's wrists as they were a little too tight when we bought them over a year ago), the Lelo Gigi (her favorite vibby toy), the new black nipple clamps, and a dildo gag.

First thing was first, I dove right in licking and suckling tenderly at her exposed girlie parts. It is something that I enjoy but don't get to do often, plus her sensitivity tends to fluctuate a bit from comfortably enjoyable to WTF! After letting her hips dance about for while it was time to get down to some business. The cuffs went on, the clamps were attached, and the gag went in. And we fucked, then I flipped her over onto her front, clamps and all, and took her from behind listening to her begging and crying as the clamps pulled free of her nips. Then I came, spraying her legs and the bed.

Yet again, it was not enough. Sure I was still dripping cum and she was creamy herself, but I still wanted to pound into her more. We went downstairs for a shower to clean up but my desire would not ebb. So, still dripping wet from her shower, we went back up stairs for round two. I handed her a bullet vibe to work herself back into a nice lather (poor Gigi had run out of juice with our first round) and slipped on a condom. Then I slipped back inside her. She was wrapped in a blanket, always bitching about the cold, which I delighted in ripping away from her periodically. She shuddered and begged and came again and again, and finally so did I.

Again, spent and gasping we fell to the bed. Sleep lurking at the fuzzy edges of our consciousness, drifting in and out. And still, there was that twinge. How I look forward to continuing our binge...

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