Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giving Thanks the Right Way...

So here is it, the Thanksgiving Holiday, a couple of days off for the girl, and a finally a night to our selves. First I'd like to give thanks for our siblings who watched our child. Giving us the chance to make the most of our evening on Tuesday.

The very first thing that I wanted to do was to set up this photo shoot notion that I have had for a long time. A while back on this blog of ours I posted a picture that I had found online of a Dom sitting at a table with his slave girl locked in the center like a pair of duel use stocks. Ever since then I have really wanted to do this "Table Stocks" photo set.

The girl was her usual skeptical self, rolling her eyes and sighing heavily. A little secret about my slave girl, the more she bitches and whines the harder she wants to be pushed. Shhhh, you didn't hear it from me. ;P. Well, having no choice in life or any other such situation, she brought herself around to be quite helpful and even eager in a sense. My second "I'm Thankful for..."

I had spent the early part of the day getting everything ready so we could just dive right in when she got home. She returned, took a nice relaxing shower, whisked the boy off to the siblings, and we got down to some business. The photos look great, they are on FetLife. The response has been unbelievable as well; friendship requests, Fet messages, and over twenty comments on the two primary photos with many more scattered about. Let me tell you all, there is a kind of high that comes with being so well received by one's peers and the next thing I'm grateful for is all of you who make sharing these precious moments well worth it.

It was a fun experience and one that reminds me like a slap to the face just how much fun and how rewarding doing these clever little photo sets can be. I'm hoping for many more opportunities during the coming winter break.

The night didn't end there either. Being in the table stocks for the duration the shoot, a time period I was happy to drag on while watching her become more and more taxed holding herself up. See, as she wrote about in her last post, I had offered her a pillow to kneel on but she declined. Happy for me because now I get to be both the nice guy and enjoy her sufferings. I love it when a plan comes together :D. The longer she spent the more effort she exerted keeping herself from basically hanging in the stocks. When I finally did let her out, she curled up on the floor and lay there for a long moment. I snapped this picture quickly, capturing a lovely moment. The girl had described the experience as being similar to being caged, the inability to move or flex causes a tension in her muscles that seems to melt through her, igniting her submissive passions.

Then it was on to the bathtub. It was time to christen it with some water play, passed time to tell the truth. I warmed up the tub with a bath of hot water, again being the nice guy. Then she was bound, hands to hips and placed face down in the tub. Here is another thing I'm grateful for, having a big ass bath tub. I turned on the faucet, turned on the video camera and watched as my girl strained against the rising water. There is something almost zen about watching the inevitable slowly unfold. Despite her struggles, regardless of her shuddering efforts, the water will eventually win. I am thankful for these simple pleasures of a tortured slave.

Alas we were on a time limit and there was more to come, so I stepped into the tub, straddling each side of her body chastising her for holding out so long before I shoved her head under. And so it went, time after time I'd let her up, water cascading down her face and into her gasping mouth as I counted down the seconds till I shoved her under again. I love the feeling of her struggles as I hold her face under the water, her body twisting and tugging at the binds, her abdomen heaving. On the last one, she asked if I would turn her over and try dunking her face up. That's my masochistic little slave :)

So, over she went, though it did not work the way I hoped, her face just barely stuck out of the water with her head pressed against the floor of the tub. So, in one of my moments of pure genius, I pulled my underwear off and wrapped it around her face, effectively waterboarding her. This lasted for a good, long time and during this under garment waterboarding, she passed out I think twice and woke up cumming once. I say "I think" because my lovely camera stopped recording before we got to the whole waterboarding part so I have only my pleasure fogged memory of the experience and she has even less:D.

Well, we were done with that part, so it was on to the bedroom. The slave earned her self quite a punishment over this passed semester, twelve strokes with the cane. Once she was dry and mostly warm, a problem in the winter time, she was cuffed up and chained to the bed. I placed the punishment log, a newer addition to our punishment regiment, in front of her so she could read off her offenses and be keenly aware of the reason for her correction. I was proud of her, she handled it with an acceptable amount of composure. However during the last three strokes, earned for a general attitude adjustment, she managed to pull her foot out of the thick leather leg shackle we have, which is no small feat. Still, there lay twelve freshly administered, red and rising cane welts across her ass and a very apologetic and thankful slave, ripe for the fucking.

And fuck we did. I have to admit that I don't remember much of what I did to her, I think that I left her hands still chained up while I pounded her. I remember the begging, and the shuddering, and spraying glistening drops of liquid love all over her body. And there I lay, sweaty, breathing deeply, thankful for the haze of ecstasy that descends upon us both in those rare moments. Moments that are sadly no longer than their moniker. With that lovely fuck, we ran out of time and I sent the slave to clean up and retrieve our child while I stayed behind to clean everything up.

So, dear reader, that was our lead up to this great thanksgiving. The photos and videos all got posted on FetLife and every time that I see them, they bring warm feelings flooding back to my heart. Just as a Holiday memory should...

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