Friday, November 19, 2010

Hi there!

Ugh. All this stress and school. i mean, i'm enjoying the education, and in the long run, it will work out for our benefit. But some days it is really hard to cope, between the toddler, school and Master's demands (which are really very minor during the school year).

But closer and closer the end of the semester looms, and maybe then we'll have a little more time, a little more freedom to fall in step with our kinky wants. Sometime soon, i hope Master and i get a chance to do a photo set within one (or more) of our scenes. Kinda prove we're still here, you know? (And maybe show off my new haircut! i cannot believe Master let me do it - it is the most awesome haircut ever!)

And maybe i'll actually have time to blog about all the kinky stuff.

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