Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving break...

And it started the right way!

Master and i had somebody watch the little person last night so that we could get some much needed alone time, and we made the most of it.

Not only did Master get some pictures taken that He had been wanting to take or some time now, but we also got to play in the tub for the first time in our new place. Of course, there also had been some marbles accumulating from mistakes on my part, and those had to be dealt with before we could get to the sex...

i'm sure Master will come talk about His table stocks, but as with all the projects He cares about, he had these finished to perfection, smooth and perfectly cut. As Master placed me in them, He asked if my knees would be okay on the floor (recent re-injury of my bad knee makes Him a bit generous with things He might not normally offer), and i believed it would be fine, so i declined His offer of a cushion. my fuzzy, school-fried brain made me believe that i would be able to sit, rather than kneel under the table, so as He shoved it closed around me, i scrambled and realized that, no, the table was higher than i believed, and so with the awkward positioning of my legs, i was almost literally hanging in the stocks. It was an awesome experience, and rather soon, i felt my muscles twitching with exhaustion. When Master was gracious enough to release me from the stocks, i felt so warm and used, and laid on the floor for a few moments before we moved on to christen the tub with some water play.

Now, despite the tub's one downfall (it is blue), it is much larger than both tubs we had at our previous residence. Master tied my hands to my thighs, and looped the rope binding my ankles together through the ropes around my thighs as well, leaving me unable to do more than rock my shoulders up to keep my face out of the water as it rose. As we considered the limited amount of time, Master's impatience won over my stamina, and he shoved me under. Each time he pulled me up, i sputtered, annoyed at my new hair cut because it was hanging over my face, essentially "waterboarding" me while Master told me to breathe. Eventually, Master turned me over, and we tried to submerge my head while i looked at Master. Unfortunately, we'd splashed quite a bit of the water out and it didn't quite work, so Master, being the clever, quick thinker He is, decided that His underwear could prove themselves useful in waterboarding me. Regardless of what Master does, quite frequently the thing that truly "revs my engine" as they say, is control me with His strength. He can be doing the most horrible, awful thing, and if His strength is subverting me, controlling my head, my body, my very survival, i become the lustful, compliant creature He so loves.

P.S. There was caning. Not so fun.

P.P.S. There was also awesome sex. >:)

Maybe i'll get a chance to post about those later.


K & J said...

Sounds like you had such an amazing time!!! Saw the table stock on fetlife! Awesome!! I need one of those for my kitchen :)


Florida Dom said...

Thanks for sharing such a hot scene and hope you will write about the awesome sex and I'll have to check out the table stock on Fetlife.